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1.Business Goals and Technical Specifications

the product vision. the reason for the product’s existence from a business perspective. Including the problem being addressed, the proposed solution, and a general description of the target market.

2.Competitive Analysis Report

Identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service. Also a competitive analysis report identifies the top five competitors and examines what it is they are doing right, as well as what they’re doing wrong.

3.Personas and UX Research Reports

It involves a range of techniques used to extract behavioral patterns, add context and give insight into the design process.

4.Sitemap and Information Architecture

A sitemap is a visually organized model of all the components and information contained in a digital product. It represents the organization of an App or site’s content.

5.Experience Maps, User Journeys and User Flows

An experience map is a visual representation that illustrates a user’s flow within a product or service—their goals, needs, time spent, thoughts, feelings, reactions, anxieties, expectations—i.e. the overall experience throughout their interaction with a product.

6.UX Wireframes

A staple of UX design methodology, wireframes are two-dimensional “blueprint” illustrations of a design framework and interface elements, and show what goes where. Primarily a layout tool, they help define the information architecture, the spacing of content, functionalities, the interaction design and intended user behaviors.

7.Visual Design & Prototype

Visual design is the “final coat of paint” on the product. However, it’s not just that: visual design can greatly affect the UX of a product, and therefore must be approached very carefully. Hopefully, a lot of interaction design and usability heuristics were worked out during prior steps of the UX design process so that the designers can focus on the visuals.

8.Styleguide and Specifications for Developers

A styleguide is for making sure designs are implemented consistently across branding, visual styles, colors, fonts and typography. It’s also used for design patterns, language, rules (such as keyboard shortcuts and data display rules), and specifying UI behaviors (such as error handling).

9.Usability Testing and Usage Analytics Reports

A usability test will tell you whether your target users can use your product. It helps identify the problems people are having with a specific UI, and reveals difficult-to-complete tasks and confusing language.


We offer the
diversity of skills.

We can help visualize even the craziest ideas converting
them into elegant designs, awesome experiences and catchy brands.


We create elegant world class user experience for applications that achieve business goals and make users happy. 


We create strong branding for products and companies.
From brand model to the design system.


Custom graphics present a popular effective way to make a digital product attractive and emotional.
Adding beauty to your brand.


Helping brands with different aspects of their social media marketing strategy by deploying result-driven services.

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The minimum deadline is 21 days ahead of payment day

Normally we don't. We're a design agency. But if you wanted we can form a team of highly skilled developers to develop your application

Yes, We do. BUT we do not do anything that someone else would take the appreciation for

Kinda, we deliver components and front-end codes that should be used by a front-end developer. They work like a puzzle basically.
(Flutter, Html, Css, React, React Native and a lot more)

Not yet, But very soon. (If you wanted a company for your project we can kick-off our office in no time)

Laith Aljunaidy does all the work of the UI/UX with some juniors to help and work with. Branding, Logos And posters are also done by Laith.
Others are done by selected professional seniors.

The text and graphic content of the website belong to Laith Aljunaidy and cannot be used by other resources without our permission and the link to the source.