Show case


We worked on developing and designing a modern brand with fresh colors!

Our team solved three challenges. First, we found a unique symbol. Second, we've developed a new logo that's not surprising to our current users. Our team worked on a dynamic branding that could fit to the business model that doesn't include only pharmacies! yet every store owner.


Re-designing mercato old app to a whole new experince focusing on
users needs and goals!

Laith Aljunaidy team got used to work on professional products that often come with complex interfaces. It was our goal to keep the simple look and feel of professional equipment. Our team made a marketing app, shaped its style, explainer animations, and an enchanted experience.

New Fresh Colours

We worked on making the app to look more fresh, smooth and modern

Faster swipe to access

Swipe to add to cart or swipe to add to marketing list.

Faster access for a better yet smoother experience!

Easy, fast login and signup!

Login to your account or just create a new account in our 45 seconds form!

We made effort to every single screen to be as simple and easy goal achieving as if that the whole app relays on it -which is true-, so Mercato was a real challenge for us, but we did the job and exceeded expectations.

Social media

We started to design and develop a brand persona for Mercato to be
able to attract more users and awareness

We worked on Mercato's social media from scratch, we started on an old abandoned page and we put all what we have to make it stronger and more identifiable.  

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