Making modern

Laith Aljunaidy™ has been on the market since 2019 starting from UI/UX
design and growing the diversity of services.
Now, Laith Aljunaidy™ is a full-stack digital agency with all the
specialists required for the efficient creative process from scratch.






Happy clients



Laith Aljunaidy™

Laith is 21 years old with way big dreams, and a lot of hard work to do.
Reasonable, modern and calm are my favorite words
to either describe his personality or his work.

Meet The Team

Laith Aljunaidy
Design Team Lead / Founder
Ali Zubidy
Development Team Lead / Co-Founder
Waleed Saleh
Full Stack Developer
Moh. Natsheh
Flutter Developer
Oday Khalaf
Mobile Developer
Faris Al Taher
Marketing Team Lead
Abdallah Al Faqier
Development consultant
Amir Abu Reziq
Ecommerce Expert
Rafat Berqidar
Creative Director


We have hundreds of clients all around the globe.
But here are the biggest names we got!

Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, China.

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Learn more about our interest in creating a better world
and how we support non-profit ideas 

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