Designing interaction

Between Humans &

More than 180,000 Users love our designs.

Our designs have been used and seen by more than 180,000 users, we make sure to get them the best out of the systems we redesigned. Laith aljunaidy works with organizations seeking growth, influence, and agility to design and build the next generation of products, services, and experiences that humans absolutely love!

Conversion rate
is our profession

Ecommerce apps and websites need to have and to maintain a high stable conversion rate, how many visitors of your website actually buys something?

Incredible clean.
Incredibly simple.
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We visualize
the craziest ideas. 
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We build modern experiences 

We worked closely with hundreds of clients to create and build breathtaking
experiences to get the best out of users and the highest of your business model


Wires connected




Happy clients



Lets create

We build systems



Extraordinary simple.

Dashboards are made for complex systems and products, they should be simple, clean and easy to deal with!

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Heavy on aesthetics.
Light on Experience.

We enrich human lives through the thoughtful application of design and technology. We can help visualize even the craziest ideas converting
them into awesome experiences and catchy brands.

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Delicious isn't it.
Ordering. Simplified. 
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Play. Laugh.
& Make memories.
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It’s ready and set.
Just upload.
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Gaming is fun.
not stressing!
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By Nerds.

We can make complex systems to look as good and be incredibly easy to use.

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Org.Laith Aljunaidy

Learn more about our interest in creating a better world
and how we support non-profit ideas 

Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, China.

Our Clients

We have hundreds of clients all around the globe.
But here are the biggest names we got!

What our clients say about us

They hit all our goals and delivered on the schedule they originally proposed. They accommodated the changes in our initial requirements as we needed them and quickly adapted.

Laith Aljunaidy team is highly creative, responsive and collaborative. They have become an extension of our Product Design and Research team. Thank you for consistently delivering high quality Design with extraordinary user experience.

I worked with Laith Aljunaidy on designing UI / UX for my game is "Online Hide and Seek", and it was really a great and professional job, the delivery date was on time, knowing that the project takes alot more time than the time we needed, all respect and appreciation.

If you want to work with professional and have fun at the same time you will not find better than Laith Aljunaidy, to get what you want and even better than expected. Thank you for the great work experience

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